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We understand the needs of our parents so we've created our services to cater to all children ranging from newborn to the age of seven.



Our Nannying services are used to fill you and your family with confidence. We provide passionate individuals that you and your family can enjoy on a long term basis. We cater for all nannying needs, whether it be 15 hours a week or 40. If we don't already have your perfect match we will dedicate our time finding them.

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Looking for a one-off babysitting service? Here we will send a Tata to your house on an occasional basis. With the same benefits of having a full time nanny we want to provide you with a babysitter that is consistent to you and your family. Therefore we will provide the same person to babysit so that you and your family can build up a long term relationship.

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Potty Training

Interested in helping with your child learning to use the toilet? La Tata offers comprehensive and free potty training lessons to get your child up and effectively using the potty.

Sleep Training

Book our experienced and qualified sleep consultant, who will teach and demonstrate techniques to put your child(ren) to sleep based on your requirements/needs (for children 6 months and above)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices start at £14 per hour. This includes your Tata’s first year pay rise, taxes and pensions, which will all be taken care of by La Tata.

As many as you need. Once you let us know we will do our best to find the perfect candidate(s) to fulfil the role you and your family need.

All areas of London, Surrey and Kent. But we are continuously expanding so please register your interest.

During the interviewing process we get to know our potential tata’s as much as possible. Meaning that as well as getting to know the professional side we also take interest in their personal lifes such as their hobbies and interests. We also do the same with you and your family, we come and meet you to understand what you are looking for and what type of hobbies and interests you have as a family. These factors, alongside your requirements are what we use to choose your Tata.

Yes. We suggest that travel with your Tata should happen after 3 months of employment, this gives you both a good amount of time to get to know one another, and that it be for a maximum of 2 weeks. However you can travel up to 2.5 months with your Tata 2 times a year.